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In 2022 we are launching a series of Blog Posts that will touch on: the Azores Islands; health and wellness; and how the two can complement each other.

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The colors of the Azores Islands

The Azores are a lush, green, and flora-filled volcanic paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Each island is unique and vibrant with breathtaking landscapes. All offer special features that have inspired a chromatic set of nicknames. Most widely known is São Miguel which is often referred to as the “green island” but every […]

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Best time to visit is…

Q. When is the best time to visit Portugal and in particular the Azores Islands? A. Now! B. All year-round. C. It depends. D. All of the above. If you’re eager to travel as many countries move towards fewer travel restrictions, you would probably say … A. Now! From a practical perspective, the answer should […]

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Define your VISION – Top 10 Tips

Defining your VISION for 2022 and beyond? But where do you start? Here are the Top 10 Tips to help you do it successfully. If you missed the previous post…. Start by thinking about what you want to achieve? What are your goals, objectives, priorities, dreams, or aspirations? Know where you want to go before […]

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What’s your VISION for 2022 and beyond?

This is the perfect opportunity to define your VISION.

Consider it an investment in your most important asset…. YOU!

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