The Azores Islands are a lush, unspoiled archipelago in the mid-Atlantic with vivid landscapes, green pastures, endless blue hydrangeas during the summer and many beautiful hiking trails to explore. Sometimes referred to as the lost civilization of Atlantis, the islands maintain an Old-World European charm with architecture and villages dating back to the 1450s. Each island is special with its own distinctive charm. All offer breathtaking coastlines, spectacular cliffs, quiet valleys and enchanting crater lakes.

Whether you prefer: to rest and recharge through meditation, massage or yoga; a leisurely walk along the unspoiled trails and coastlines; a more challenging hike up Pico mountain; or for the more adventurous: canyoning, surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, or snorkeling into hidden grottos, … enjoy all that nature has to offer in the Azores.

It’s time to focus on your LIFE! and delight in the best of the Azores and Portugal!

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