Exclusive “Painting for the Brain” Workshop

This is a one week painting workshop where you will have the opportunity to discover the joy of painting with the guidance of Pieter Adriaans painter, musician, scientist, philosopher and author of several books including a new book ‘Schilderen voor het brein’ (Painting for the Brain) . Pieter will lead you through workshops at his Atelier de Kaasfabriek on S. Jorge Island, Azores. Weather permitting some of the workshops will be outdoors where nature is at its purest. Interwolven with the painting workshops will be some nature walks and opportunities to explore the island and its most precious resource… the people and their traditions that date back to the early 1500s. Animation and workshops will be provided mostly in English but Pieter is also fluent in French, Portuguese, Dutch and German. 

Concept: Ever since the training in realistic drawing and painting was abandoned in art schools about 40 years ago a tradition of reflection on realistic painting and its techniques, that had its roots in the Renaissance, has almost come to a standstill. Over the years Pieter has spent a large part of his time trying to understand the relation between representation and reality. As a painter he has done hundreds of experiments investigating the way our brains process visual information. He has discovered many things, some ancient but forgotten, others completely new and based on recent insights in mathematics, neuroscience, biology or computer science. The two basic rules of Cognitive realism are:

1) A painting is a program for the visual machine in our brain.
2) Our visual system compresses and expands information, therefore the painter can leave information out.

Our brain is a semantic machine that constantly looks for new meanings in images. It is the task of the painter to explore this semantic visual space. In this sense, painting is still at its infancy.

Media & Techniques: Paricipants use watercolor, inks, watercolor pencils, crayons and markers for wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry applications. Participants achieve a variety of textural qualities by exploring surfaces such as paper, Yupo, primed and unprimed panel.

Activities: Daily demonstrations and drawing exercises are structured to exhaust the limitations of the media. Paricipants develop personal visual vocabulary through individual studio time, group discussion and one-on-one feedback.

More about Pieter Adriaans and Atelier de Kaasfabriek:

Price from: 2950€ per person based on double occupancy for one week (3250€ for a single person). This price includes painting supplies, accommodation while on São Jorge Island with all meals included, programmed transportation between the selected accommodation and the scheduled workshops but DOES NOT include flights to and from the Azores, medical expenses, additional unplanned meals/snacks, alcohol, or other optional excursions.

Next workshop: May 16 – 23, 2020 Due to COVID-19 this workshop will be rescheduled.

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MAKE IT EXTRA SPECIAL – Participants have an opportunity to enjoy additional unique experiences that can be added on, before or after, the workshop, including:

  • Canyoning: Feel your adrenaline rush as you rappel down spectacular
  • Kayak or Scuba dive along the coast of São Jorge Island
  • Snorkel into hidden grottos and caves in crystal blue waters
  • Dolphin / whale-watching among the many species found in the mid-Atlantic
  • Sunset cruise on a yacht in the canal between Pico and São Jorge islands
  • Climb Pico Mountain (Portugal’s tallest point) with a guide (full-day activity)
  • Experience breathtaking hikes through lush, green vegetation, beautiful volcanic craters and spectacular cliffs
  • Countless sites to simply relax and revitalize
  • Take a short ferry ride to the nearby islands of Pico and Faial to:
    • Walk through a UNESCO World Heritage site, Pico Island’s Vineyard Culture, and then savor its wines
    • Visit the volcanic ash covered village of Capelinhos on Faial Island (1957-58 eruption)
  • Or discover yourself on our Azorean Wellness Retreat

We can personalize your extra days and make this workshop extra special.



VILLAS CASTELETES (300 Euro Supplement)

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