Personalized DIY Plans

We can help you create a Personalized Do-It-yourself (DIY) travel plan so that it includes activities specifically suited to meet your needs and preferences including advanced reservations to avoid possible on-site disappointment. We can also offer recommendations or make reservations related to accommodations, guides, activities, transportation, transfers and, depending on the city, even suggestions for restaurants or other local activities. We’ll guide you through the different options to ensure that to have a truly unforgettable experience. With a Personalized Plan, you can pay the service provider(s) directly on-site or we can coordinate the payment, depending on the service requested.

The cost of this personalized service for 1 or 2 travelers is:

  • 150€ for 4 days or less
  • 275€ for 5-10 days
  • 350€ for 11 days or more

Prices for groups of 3 or more travelers are also available upon request

You can start with any of the Group Tour Packages, Self-Guided Plans or start one from scratch so that it is 100% tailored to meet you needs and preferences.

Discover the splendors of S. Miguel Island with a DIY Personalized Plan

We can also customize a personalized side trip to S. Miguel Island so that you can enjoy its unique offerings of enchanting, lush, green flora, thermal water spas, natural fumaroles, tea plantations and much more. S. Miguel is an ideal stop as you make your way back home. Your Personalized Plan amongst other options can include:

  • Day trip to Furnas to admire the geo-thermal phenomena of the active fumaroles and then relax in hot thermal springs water and a walk through the luxuriant vegetation of the Terra Nostra Park
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Hikes to suit your preferences (there are many trails of various lengths & levels of  difficulties to select from)
  • Visit a 19th Century Tea Plantation & enjoy a relaxing cup of tea
  • Visit the centuries old capital of the Azores, Ponta Delgada
  • Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage
  • Golf